What is KindCritic.com?

KindCritic - Get Crowdsourced Constructive Criticism

KindCritic is a social community of creatives looking to give and get constructive criticism. Whether you are a musician, writer, photographer, filmmaker or designer, KindCritic is just for you. You can upload your music, photos, videos, writing, and more to get real time constructive criticism from other experts in your field.

How it works:

  1. Post a URL to your content or upload original content to KindCritic.com with a short title and description. The, tag your work with three different category labels. For example, if you were posting a new short story you might tag something like: “short story”, “fiction”, “young adult”. Doing this will help people find your work. And remember you can choose to post your content anonymously if you don’t want your profile to be shown!
  2. Track your posts and watch the comments roll in. You can then upvote the comments you find the most useful and you can downvote the comments that you don’t find as helpful. This way the most helpful and constructive feedback rises to the top. Other users will also vote on the comments and your post.
  3. Help & comment. After you get feedback on your project, you will want to help others with their creative works. The more upvotes your comments get the higher your rank becomes in the community for the tags they are affiliated with. So if you frequently comment a lot on short stories, and get a lot of upvotes, you will become one of the top ranked short story critics on KindCritic. People will start to seek out your critiques and in the future we plan on rewarding these users.
  4. Be constructive! What holds the community together is the idea that all comments should be constructive and helpful. So, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep it to yourself. You can tear down peoples work somewhere else. Negative comments, “haters” and “flames” will automatically be removed after being flagged and reviewed by moderators. If we determine a user has a habit of making these types of comments they will be permanently banned.
This is a great way to get constructive criticism and also to also hone your craft by learning how to identify room for improvement in other’s work. Often times, identifying what doesn’t work in others’ creative work reveals your own flaws that you might have been unwilling to admit previously. It is humbling to know that not everyone is perfect but, the support of others will keep you motivated to pursue your creative endeavors and become a master. Plus, it’s fun!

We hope you sign up as a beta user and help give US some creative criticism on how we can improve the site. Get constructive criticism on your creative work! Sign up today!



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